Saturday, 08 April 2017 18:59

Bless The Knights 2nd Anniversary Party!

Saturday, 08 April 2017 18:59

Bless The Knights 2nd Anniversary Party!


Bless the Knights 2nd Anniversary Party is approaching!!!

Just reminding you guys that our anniversary party would be held at Warung Deebong (Ex Maitrin Cafe, Jalan Kayu Putih Raya No. 1, RW.16, East Jakarta),

encouraged by line up of great metal bands such as:



Lead by the one and only insane MC, our dearest friend Mr. Allay Error!!!

This party is also supported by tremendous numbers of medias, as followings:
- Gitarplus

- Musikeras Magz

- Gitaris INA

- 104.2 MS-Tri FM

- Twin Musix (Australia)

- IRS Radio

- Demajors Radio

- PICA Magazine(Bali)

- Xtreme Zine

- Dapurletter


- Jakarta Music Society (JAMS)


- Lost in Chaos Zine (Blitar)

- Kedai Indie

- Republik Indie


- Extreme Music Indonesia

- MAVE Magazine (Bali)

- Ruang Mediart

- Black Dimension Zine

- Bekasi Musik Indie

- (Purwokerto)

- Ronascent (Surabaya)

- Madiun Satu Arah (Madiun)

- Semarang on Fire (Semarang)

- Heartcorner (Purwokerto)

- Timur Rock Society

- Cewek Metal

- Undergreen EO

- Java Metalhead

- Blog Magazine

- Ndog Djin

- Klender Corps Grinder

- Jakarta Metalhead

- Portal Musik Malang (Malang)

- Demak Underground (Demak)

- Save Indie

- Kediri Metal Association (Kediri)

- Kediri Kingdom Death Metal (Kediri)

- Suara Gaduh Zine (Riau)

- Peroot Pas

- Gale Screen Printing

- Bleeding Merch

- Klinik Bucek


This party is FOR FREEEEEEE!!!! So, don't forget to come, let's have some fun!!!!

See you guys there! BURN THE PIT!!! Light up the FIRE!!!

Hello Rebels! Back in 2016, today was the day when we launched our debut album in the name of Bless the Knights...


Let's have a glance on the moment we cherished together last year \m/



umm, anyway! New album is now being prepared! Stay tuned!! \m/ (mrff)

Sunday, 01 January 2017 18:35


Sunday, 01 January 2017 18:35


OMG.. it's evening already! Happy New Year 2017 to all you our beloved Rebels... we would like to send you the warmest regards and wishing you guys all the best this year! Keep on supporting and loving us since we have a lot of great things to present to you guys!

Anyway, the brand new mini album is on the writings, can't wait to get you listen yo our brand new formation soon!

So last but not least, we, Bless The Knights mrfritzfaraday, Olgie Alvianus, Fadhil, Opic and the cutest manager in the world Hendrix once again wishing you HAPPY BLASTING NEW YEAR 2017!!!! LIGHT UP THE FIREEEEEEE \m/ (mrff)

Sunday, 25 December 2016 12:14

Djenty Merry Christmas!

Sunday, 25 December 2016 12:14

Djenty Merry Christmas!

We wish you all Rebels a Djenty Merry Christmas and soon a Headbanging New Year!!! Thank you for all your supports and prayers for we finally finish our struggling first year.

We travelled to so many places in order to telling you guys the story about our music and idealism.


This year was really fantastic! We got so many new friends and Rebels who are fabulously helpful and really supportive.

We might not be able to mention you guys one by one here but just remember one thing, We really thank and owe you guys for everything we got this entire year.


Let's have a look back to Release The Beast Tour until Java Invasion that we've been travelled to:

27 January 2016 - "Release the Beas t Concert” Bless the Knights Album Launching (Rolling Stone Cafe, Jakarta)
11 February 2016 - “The Great Progressive Forum Special Edition”, The Rock Campus (Rolling Stone Cafe, Jakarta)
15 February 2016 - "Rock on Monday" (Demajors Radio, Jakarta)
27 February 2016 - "HIV/AIDS Children Rights" (Bazaarock Official, Bandung)
27 February 2016 - "Rockmantizz" Live Radio Interview 99.8 Raka FM (Bandung)
2 March 2016 - "Jams Upbeat" Live Radio Interview Beat Radio (Jakarta)
3 March 2016 - "Karawang Clothfest" (Sirkuit Galuh Mas, Karawang)
7 March 2016 - "JAMS Upbeat Show" (Piston Brake, Jakarta)
16 March 2016 - Hai Magazine Interview (Jakarta)
24 March 2016 - Indonesian Rockz "Wapres Rock Night" (Bulungan Outdoor, Jakarta)
26 March 2016 - "Grind Parade 5" (Stadion Ajah Cafe, Bekasi)
2 April 2016 - "IRS Radio Show" (Depok)
10 April 2016 - Live Video Interview by Jakarta Live Music
19 April 2016 - DMC Jakarta "Music Sharing & Education" (JK7 Bar & Club, Jakarta)
23 April 2016 - "Progressive Metal Weekend" (RPK FM, Jakarta)
8 May 2016 - "Fortune From Tragedy Promo Tour" (JXTainment, Jakarta)
15 May 2016 - "Bogor Raination" We are; All Distortion Brotherhood (Bogor)
19 May 2016 - "May of Distortion" (Jakarta)
21 May 2016 - "Sound of Distortion" (Duren Sawit, Jakarta)
28 May 2016 - Purwokerto Media Interview
29 May 2016 - "Straight Fest" by Voice Hell (Ramsha Cafe, Purwokerto)
30 May 2016 - Live Radio Interview (Geronimo Radio, Yogyakarta)
31 May 2016 - "Release the Beast Concert #2" Bless the Knights Album Launching (Boshe VVIP Club, Yogyakarta)
5 June 2016 - Cibubur Festival
9 July 2016 - "Panusupan Metal Fest II" (Purbalingga, Jawa Tengah)
7 August 2016 - "HYPERBLAST", We are; All Distortion Brotherhood (Pabuaran, Tangerang)
14 August 2016 - "Monster of Legend X; Honored to the End" (Bulungan Outdoor, Jakarta)
27 August 2016 - "Freedom Music Action #12" (Bogor)
6 September 2016 - "JAMS Upbeat Show" (JK7 Bar & Club, Jakarta)
9 October 2016 - "Keep Struggle Stay Together" (Grand Charly Rawamangun, Jakarta)
16 October 2016 - "Klender Corpse Grinder; The Return #1" (Grand Charly Rawamangun, Jakarta)
28 October 2016 - "JAPEX 2016" (La Piazza MKG, Jakarta)
6 November 2016 - "Madiun Satu Arah" (Madiun, Jawa Timur)
3 December 2016 - "Timur Rock Society; United We Stand Facing The World" (Klender, Jakarta Timur)
10 December 2016 - "Strength In Unity" (Mranggen, Demak)
11 December 2016 - "Krass Hammerfest II" (Kediri, Jawa Timur)\
18 December 2016 - "Headbanger Legacy; In South We Trust" We are; All Distortion Brotherhood (Bulungan Outdoor, Jakarta)


Last but not least we also would like to announce you guys our brand new vocalist, Abdillah Fadhil replacing Novy Rock and Opic on drums as the replacement of Q.

This formation is young, wild, experimental and full of surprises that will lead you to the new excitement of Bless the Knights music. 


So, enjoy the good food and the good atmosphere of Christmas...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! (mrff)

After quite long time looking for the most suitable and decent logo and emblem, the band finally found the coolest one in Ukraine.

As the music the play on stage, Bless the Knights is also looking for a strong and iconic logo, which represent the identity and prestige of the band.




The logo is straightforwardly picture the name of "Bless the Knights" and considering the modernity aspect in order to accommodate the stereotype

of modern progressive metal band happening worldwide as well as providing the taste of wilderness and strength as what locally preferred by local

Indonesian metal bands.




Meanwhile the emblem is showing off the strength and the complexity of modern progressive metal compositions

they wrote on their respective song.


It is also being the representative of their frontmen vision, Fritz Faraday and Olgie Alvianus, to be also spreading

the positivity and courage, especially to the young people to let God being the anchor of their hope and their everything.


The positioning is also having deep meaning, while the "triangle" position is above the "BTK". This is showing that

the band is letting God be the "pilot" of their every plan and on their every show.


Hopefully that these new logo and emblem bringing a new spirit, hope and strength to the band's career.


What do you think? \m/ (mrff)



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