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  • Formation

Taufik or frequently called Opic was born in Jakarta, 28th January 1994 is the youngest amongst his brothers. His musical journey started when he was joining his brother's band which genre Progressive Rock, 7 years ago.

Starting his career as a bassist, Opic joined his school band and frequently competing on several band competitions around 2011 to 2013. During that period, his band won many titles not only on school level but also up to the local Province level. 

Furthermore as the time goes by, his musical journey lead him to make a twist into another instrument, which is drums. He is lately joining Indonesian Drum Squad (IDS) that is encouraging him more to play and explore his ability on it. He is privileged to be the leading IDS member on Metal genre that assures him a place to play on every IDS gig.

At the third quarter of 2016, the moment that has been waited finally came as mrfritzfaraday asked him to fill the vacancy of Bless the Knights' drummer left by Q. This was a little bit ridiculous since Opic was priorly an additional bassist to Bless the Knights back in 2015. He didn't need a long time to gel with the lads and directly joined   the band's latest tour around Java. 

Aggression, Power Horse, Progressive maniac, Gospel chops and Metal minded are words to describe his drum-playing style. Those were due to his musical preferences that was really crazy on genres like Progressive/Metal, Rock and Fusion.

Opic is also influenced by some modern metal bands, such as Dream Theater, Periphery, Monuments, The Faceless, Born of Osiris, After the Burial, Animals ad Leaders, and modern fusion bands like Dirty Loops and Casiopea while Dream Theater's Mike Mangini, Animals as Leaders' Matt Gartska, Periphery's Matt Halpern, Alex Rudinger, The Aristocrats' Marco Minemman and Casiopea's Akira Jimbo were big names who inspire his style. As other lads, Opic is also hanging a big dream and struggling for their international dreams. 

Please welcome Bless the Knights new drummer...


About Bless The Knights

Bless The Knights was established in 7 April 2009, with an old name called Blitzkrieg by their guitarist, mrfritzfaraday, who thought that there was such an urgency of change on Indonesian music, since there were a lot of bands having quite the same genre and tend to follow each other's pathway. Regarding to the meaning of Blitzkrieg, which is a “quick attack”, Blitzkrieg music that is having a lot of details and complexity has to be accountable when it is performed live on stage as what is happening to a military attack, which effect has to be accountable to the public.

In the beginning, Blitzkrieg chose Progressive metal as the core of their music. Furthermore as the time goes by, they were having a lot of maturity process until they finally discover their own usually called ‘Aggressive Heavy Metal Core Progressive’.

In 2010, the band released their very first album called ‘The Energy of Anger’ including their 6 original songs. At that time, there were just 2 people left in the band, which were mrfritzfaraday (Guitar, Bass and Vocal) and Erick Kevin (Drums). Blitzkrieg was also one of line up of Indonesian phenomenal compilation album ‘Born to Fight’ involving legendary bands, such as Rotor, Imanissimo, Divine and many more dangerous bands.

Blitzkrieg got a public attention as they were one of the opening act of the super band PSMS Amazing Union (Mike Portnoy, Billy Sheehan, Tony Macalpine, Derek Sherinian) at Rock Fest 2012, as well as being the opener of Swedish Death Metal band, Grave in 2013. At the same year, Blitzkrieg was also being one of the headlining action of the Jakarta Guitar Festival 2013 alongside with the 2009 Guitar Idol from Thailand, Jack Thammarat and British Fingerstyle Guitarist, Mike Dawes.

In 2014, they finally decided to start producing their second album entitled “Bless The Knights”. This is finally becoming their new name for ‘Blitzkrieg’ is still existing or used by several bands and will not be appropriate to be used for a world wide album issue.

On their newest album, Bless the Knights is working alongside Indonesian professional label, Greenland Indonesia. They were once very close to an Italian recording label, but the deal were never ended into one clear point until finally they were joining Shredguy Records of Ohio, United States of America for their international distribution label.

Their recent formation are: mrfritzfaraday (Guitars and Vocals), Rad (Vocals), Olgie Alvianus (Guitars) and Opic (Drums). This formation is a combination of aggression, complexity, creativity and modernity that will surprise the crowd they performed for.



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